Additional services

At Pressto we cannot stop innovating!

We want to make sure you receive the best and most complete catalogue of services, so in our research centers we work hard so we can offer you all these complementary services:


If you need any kind of alteration or repair on your garment, just call into your nearest branch and ask for details.


Helmets are an essential element for the protection of all motorcyclists. Given their characteristics, dirt accumulates both on the inside and the outside. Mosquitos, insects, gravel particles etc. that hit the outside of the helmet damage the paint and varnish. But dirt also accumulates on the inside. The acid from sweating can result in the degeneration of the inside protective pieces, which can lead to reduced effectiveness. This is why it is important to clean them regularly.
At Pressto we have developed an exclusive cleaning process which will give your helmet a new lease of life, bringing back the exterior shine and using an antibacterial and deodorising treatment on the inside to remove the odours from regular use, and as always, with the Pressto quality guarantee. The results are quite spectacular and can feel like having a new helmet

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